Executive Committee

Meet your Ottawa Democratic Party Executive Committee

Kim Nagy, OCDP Chair

Kim Nagy

Ottawa Democratic Party Chair

Tim Meyer, OCDP First Vice Chair

Tim Meyer

Ottawa Democratic Party First Vice Chair


Mike Grannan



COley Brown


Tara Angus, Communications Chair

Tara Angus



OCDP Officer Job Descriptions:

Chair: Responsibilities include calling meetings, setting agenda and presiding over meetings employing Robert’s Rules, recruiting members and candidates for all positions, fundraise and guide financial decisions. Support campaigns in all ways possible including assistance with finding campaign volunteers/staff. Answer correspondence from constituents. County responsibilities include selecting Democrats serving on the County Board of Canvassers, decide on number of precinct delegates for each precinct in the county and submit to County Clerk, find poll workers. All county Chairs are on the Second Congressional executive board, and as such participate in monthly meetings of 2CD (2 hours on a Saturday, meetings held in each county of the 2CD), assist with fundraising for 2CD. State party responsibilities include monthly Chairs’ call with MDP staff, attend state conventions and count votes for your county (proportional voting), update MDP website calendar with our county information, run the conventions required by the state party (county conventions electing members of state committees and submitting resolutions, conventions for electing officers). Write letters to editor/guest columns in local newspapers expressing our views and concerns. The Chair is a member of every committee and is responsible to oversee committee activities and assist where possible/needed. Weekly hours engaged: 5-20 depending on where we are in the cycle. Plan on 10 hours a week minimum.

First Vice Chair: Assist the Chair with all duties. Preside over meetings Chair is unable to attend. Chair a Committee, assist with fundraising and member development. First Vice Chair MUST be opposite gender of the Chair. 5-15 hours a week.

Second Vice Chair: Assist the Chair and Vice Chair with all duties. Chair a committee. Currently, Second Vice is Chair of Fundraising. 5-15 hours a week.

Secretary: Take minutes of all meetings, respond to correspondence. Oversee vote counting at meetings. 2-4 hours per week.

Treasurer: Manage all finances including member fees and donations. Chair the Finance committee. File financials with the state quarterly, manage checking account and make payments. 5-20 hours per week, averaging 8 hours a week.

Non-Elected Positions:

Communications Committee Chair, Co-Chair

Membership Committee Chair, Co-Chair

Finance Committee Co-Chair

Fundraising Chair, Co-Chair

Public Events Chair (Festivals, Parades, Celebrations)

Recruitment Chair/Co-Chair