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Meet us Wednesday on the steps of the Ottawa County Courthouse where Sarah Howard will announce her intention to run against state senate Republican Arlan Meekhof. Sarah is an attorney, formerly a litigation partner with a large Grand Rapids law firm. She is committed to making rational choices with our taxes to facilitate growth for everyone and not just corporations and wealthy individuals, supporting public education instead of enabling unfair competition in favor of for-profit schools, and protecting our beloved lakeshore environment. Sarah is the wife of Grand Haven High School teacher Kevin Howard and is the mother of two young daughters. Join us in supporting her on the west (front) steps of the Ottawa County Courthouse this Wednesday, April 16, at 4:00!

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  • School Board elections 2014


    Serving as a school board member is one of the most important responsibilities a citizen can undertake. You, if elected to serve, and your fellow board members will establish educational goals that will help shape the future of your community and society.

    Being a board member is a complex and varied job, sometimes frustrating as you struggle long hours with problems that never seem to be resolved. But it also is rewarding as you watch students achieve, succeed and lead happy, productive lives as a result of an environment you'll help to provide.

    School board members are charged, by law, with providing quality education for the youth of your community. You should work for the best interests of all pupils and all citizens, a task requiring constant effort and a strong commitment to serving other people. If you are truly interested in devoting your time and talents to meeting this challenge, your local school administration and your state school boards association applaud your decision to run for election and wish you the best of luck. We stand ready and willing to serve you.

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  • OCDP Monthly Meeting
    May 13,2014

    Please join us on Tuesday, May 13 at 7:00pm for the Monthly Meeting of the Ottawa Dems at the Herrick District Library, 300 South River Ave. near downtown Holland ...


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