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Holland/Zeeland CROP Walk

This past weekend, a group of dedicated Ottawa County Democrats participated in the Holland/Zeeland CROP Walk for the 9th consecutive year. The Walk symbolizes the great distance many needy individuals around the world must go just to acquire clean drinking water and adequate sustenance. 

Special thanks to George Alheid, Jerry and Linda Chambers, Gilbert Galvan and Bob and Jo Bird who raised over $2,400 in cash and checks to support local food banks and to meet water and food crises globally.

The Holland/Zeeland Crop Walk is one of the largest in the state and a major source of funding for community food banks. It just celebrated its 36th anniversary.


Upcoming Events

  • May All-Dem Meeting
    May 10,2016

     Join us May 10 at 7:00 for our monthly all-Dem meeting! We are meeting at our Holland Headquarters, at 451 Columbia.


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