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Our County Convention was a great success. Record-setting attendance and substantive discussion inspired all in attendance. We want to thank all of you that came to the convention and can't wait to get to work on 2018. If you were unable to attend but want to be involved, please message here, or contact Kim Nagy at 616-443-8992, Our January meeting date will be posted soon, please watch this page for updates and come to our meeting in January.

Executive Board 2017-2018


Chair: Kim Nagy 1st Vice Chair: Tim Meyer
Secretary: Coley Brown

2nd Vice chair: Sam Nelson
Treasurer: Mike Grannan

3rd Vice Chair: Bernie Duffy

4th Vice Chair: Jan Gwadascus

Additionally, there are 29 at-large members of the Executive Board. 

Committees: Political Organizing, Candidate Recruitment, Communications, Campaign, Finance, Rules, and Audit. 

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