OCDP County Convention 451 Columbia Holland, MI

Dear Ottawa Dems,

Our state Spring Convention will be held February 2 at Cobo Center in Detroit.  Prior to the Spring Convention Ottawa Dems are required to hold a county convention for the purpose of electing one male delegate to the Resolutions Committee of the MDP, and to discuss any resolutions we might want to put forth at convention.  The MDP balances gender on committees - this is the reason we have one male delegate to Resolutions.

Our convention will be held Saturday, January 19 at 2:00, at headquarters in Holland, 451 Columbia.  That date is also Womens March Day with activities scheduled noon-1:00 in Holland.  Please feel free to grab lunch and eat at HQ, we will have coffee and water available after the march.

The County Convention agenda is as follows:


A. Call to Order

B. Credential Report

               (This is a report out of all credentialed delegates for the convention)

C. Rules Report

               (This will be the time to review and accept voting procedure for the convention)

D. Election of Permanent Convention Chair 

(This is the person who will chair the convention)

E. Appointment of Convention Secretary 

(This will be the official record keeper of the convention. This person will also be responsible for sending minutes and results to the State Party)

F. Election of Convention Committee Members & Alternates 

               (State allocation by office and gender)

G. Resolution Consideration

H. Good & Welfare

I.   Adjournment

We look forward to seeing you at the Convention!