Heidi Zuniga For State Rep Launch Party!

Tonight was the perfect night, THE perfect night for a campaign launch party.  The weather was perfect, cool enough to be outside on the patio but still that perfect summer cool, where it's just the right July temp.  

Heidi launched her campaign tonight by speaking about why she decided to run.  Running is something that Heidi realized she had to do, for us in the 88th that need a voice.  We need a voice of someone who understands what it's like to live with a preexisting condition and the fear that at some point you will not be eligible for health insurance.  See Heidi is a cancer survivor, she is a fighter and will be going to Lansing to fight for all of us that have preexisting conditions.  She's also an educator that understands the need of a quality public education that starts when children are still young.  She understands how the needs of youth change as they age and how youth continue to deserve the best education.  Heidi understands the community and what is it like to live paycheck to paycheck.  She understands the struggles that average families have in the 88th district not only as a resident, but also as someone that has lived there since childhood. Heidi is the real deal, she is a quality candidate that is looking forward to knocking doors and listening to the community.  As she states often "For you. For us. For the 88th." 

Please join Ottawa Dems in supporting Heidi in her run for office! https://www.zunigaformi.com